A sneak peak into my van-life with Mud Jeans

February 2023

A kind reminder
including discount codes from some of my favourite brands.
Become a master of the capsule wardrobe.

January 2023

What sustainable fashion has to offer right now

December 2022

And kick them off during the holiday season
Shine away this festive season
Check IG stories now. First comes. First gets.

November 2022

Become a master of the capsule wardrobe. The Fall edition.
Personal Style Files 💌 Looking back at a year of #vanlife

July 2022

With the sun out, we are all in search of the perfect sunscreen to protect our skin from UV radiation. But what about protecting our skin from chemicals…
Recently I talked about skin, your clothes and its influence on your health at the Dutch #1 podcast on Ayurveda. For those who understand Dutch, listen…